2nd Implementation Day in pictures

The second implementation day was held at Eiffage in Vélizy-Villacoublay (France) on Friday, the 12th of October 2018.

Part of Infrastar project as a partner organisation, Eiffage is a leading figure in the European concessions and public works sector, operating through four divisions: construction, infrastructures, energy systems, and concessions.

Welcome talk by Benoit Maureau

Benoit Maureau works at Eiffage as business development Director.

INFRASTAR at a glance by Dr Odile Abraham

Dr Odile Abraham is the Infrastar project coordinator and the Director of the geophysics and non-destructive evaluation research laboratory (GeoEND) at Université Gustave Eiffel - Ifsttar.

  • She graduated in 1990 at the École des Travaux Publics de l'Etat (France), she obtained a PhD at the University of Wales College of Cardiff (UK) in 1993 in structural dynamics and her “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches” in 2004 at the University of Nantes.
  • She is a member of the Permanent Scientific Board of the French Confederation of NDT.

Download her presentation here.

Keynote by Dr. François Toutlemonde

Dr François Toutlemonde gave a keynote on "UHPFRC for strengthening or retrofitting structures. Experience and prospects".

Dr François Toutlemonde works as Chief scientist at Université Gustave Eiffel - Ifsttar, Materials & Structures Department (Deputy Head for R&D). He is:

  • President of the Paris Chapter of the American Concrete Institute (ACI).
  • Involved in R&D efforts for UHPFRC applications since 1995.
  • President of the Scientific Committee of UHPFRC 2009, UHPFRC 2013 and UHPFRC 2017 (international symposia held in France on UHPFRC applications).
  • Technical secretary of the Committee for French standard on UHPFRC (NF P 18-470).
  • Corresponding member of the ACI committee on UHPC (ACI 239).

Download his presentation here (content and illustrations must be used for short illustrative and educational purposes only).

Focus on WP2: Structural and action models

Prof. Eugen Brühwiler, WP2 leader, gave a presentation "Structural and action models - The benefit of monitoring".

  • Eugen Brühwiler is a Professor of structural engineering and Director of the Laboratory of Maintenance and Safety of existing Structures MCS at the EPFL – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, since 1995. He received his civil engineering and doctoral degrees from the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Zurich in 1983 and Lausanne in 1988.
  • His teaching and research activities include modern methods of examination in structural engineering including structural and fatigue safety, monitoring and reliability of bridges and buildings as well as the use of Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement-based Composites (UHPFRC) for the rehabilitation and strengthening of structures.

Download his presentation here.

Coffee break

Coffee break for relaxing, networking, discussing...

Presentations by the ESRs of WP2


Three Minute Thesis

Each ESR presented their work in 180 seconds as done within the so-called Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition.

The PhD students had the opportunity to develop their communication skills by effectively explaining their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. They were allowed one single PowerPoint slide.

Watch the videos here.

Posters session

After the three-minute presentations, the posters session was the opportunity to discuss about each research project in more details.

  • Download ESR1 Xin Wang's poster here.
  • Download ESR3 Joyraj Chakraborty's poster here.
  • Download ESR5 Bartek Sawicki's poster here.
  • Download ESR6 Mariia Nesterova's poster here.
  • Download ESR7 Gianluca Zorzi's poster here.
  • Download ESR12 Lijia Long's poster here.

Posters by ESR2 Antoine Bassil, ESR4 Imane Bayane, ESR8 Joey Velarde, ESR9 Amol Mankar, ESR10 Morteza Ahmavidala, ESR11 Sima Rastayesh are not yet available. The results will be published and presented in future conferences. Stay tuned!

Round tables

Eight round tables were set as follows:

  • Round table dedicated to the project 1 on "Advanced ultrasonic instrumentation for interferometric monitoring".
    Moderator: Dr Ernst Niederleithinger (BAM)
  • Round table dedicated to the project 2 on "Fibre-optic for fatigue monitoring"
    Moderator: Dr Xavier Chapeleau (Université Gustave Eiffel - Ifsttar)
  • Round table #04 on "NDT parameters for fatigue identification in structural elements".
    Moderator: Prof. Eugen Brühwiler (EPFL)
  • Round table dedicated to the projects 5 and 6 on "Fatigue of reinforced concrete structural element" and "Reliability of structures exposed to traffic loads and environmental loading".
    Moderator: Christian Clergue (Eiffage)
  • Round table dedicated to the project 7 on "Lifetime cyclic behaviour of gravity base foundations for offshore wind turbines".
    Moderator: Dr Fabian Kirsch (GuD)
  • Round table dedicated to the project 8 on "Fatigue of wind turbine concrete structures".
    Moderator: Morten Søgaard Andersen (DNV-GL)
  • Round table dedicated to the projects 9 and 11 on "Fatigue reliability of concrete wind turbine and bridge elements" and "Development of methods for risk assessment of wind turbine support structures and bridges".
    Moderator: Prof. Ton Vrouwenvelder (TNO)
  • Round table dedicated to the projects 10 and 12 on "Optimal maintenance planning of existing structures using monitoring data" and "Quantification of the value of monitoring information for deteriorated structures".
    Moderator: Pascal Collet (Total)

Outcomes of the round tables

The moderators of each round table gave a brief overview of the outcomes.