Training Platform

INFRASTAR research training programme includes:

  • new (fundamental & applied) insights in fatigue in reinforced concrete structures, in connection with the significant experience already gathered in the fatigue of steel structures
  • advanced training in the state-of-the-art measuring technologies such as wireless sensors, fibre optics, ultrasonic interferometry
  • solid expertise in probabilistic models for assessment of uncertainties related to measurements and application of the uncertainties in structural reliability analysis for both bridges and wind turbines
  • considerations of the economic issues when it comes to design, upgrading or decommissioning structures
  • a broad spectrum of communication skills, when it comes to work and to deliver a clear message to a large variety of stakeholders with different potential background and interests (scientific community, infrastructure owners, companies active in structural investigation and monitoring, decision makers, UE citizens, media…)
  • introduction to entrepreneurship and business opportunities

 As for the ESRs, they will have acquired a complete expertise in the field of optimal asset management and operation, with genuine opportunities of transfer to other domains in the academic/non-academic sectors such as the aeronautic, the nuclear or the naval industry.