Governance structure

The organisational structure of the Consortium comprises the following bodies:

The General Assembly (GA)

 The GA is the ultimate decision-making body of the Consortium. It consists of one representatives of each beneficiary.

The Executive Committee (ExCo)

The ExCo is the supervisory body for the execution of the project. It consists of one representative of:

  • Each beneficiary.
  • Each partner organisations.
  • The ESRs (elected among them).

Specific roles for ‘horizontal’ tasks

Five coordinators have been appointed in the ExCo to ensure a smooth functioning of the network. Each will be responsible for one specific project’s component and will regularly report to the Executive Committee:

  • Recruitment coordinator (IFSTTAR).
  • Training coordinator (PHIMECA).
  • Mobility coordinator (EPFL).
  • Dissemination coordinator (COWI).
  • Industrial coordinator (BAM).