Outreach activities

In the MSCA projects, "outreach activities" entail research-related communications initiatives directed to the general public, rather than the research community.

The goal is to create awareness among the general public about the research work performed in the MSCA projects and its implications for citizens. As well as raising the profile of MSCA with the general public, outreach activities should also introduce students from schools and universities to science, research and innovation. These students should be encouraged and motivated to pursue careers in science.

The relevant point in the European charter for researchers is:
“Researchers should ensure that their research activities are made known to society at large in such a way that they can be understood by non-specialists, thereby improving the public's understanding of science. Direct engagement with the public will help researchers to better understand public interest in priorities for science and technology and also the public's concerns".

Read the guidelines by the European Commission here.

12.10.2018 "Three Minute Thesis"

During the 2nd Implementation Day, the ESRs presented their work in 180 seconds as done within the so-called Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition. The ESRs had the opportunity to develop their communication skills by effectively explaining their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. They were allowed one single PowerPoint slide.

Watch the videos here.

26.09.2018 Falling Walls

ESR12 Lijia Long participated in the so-called "Falling Walls Lab Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions". More information

06.2018 Interview by Trajectoire magazine

ESR6 Mariia Nesterova has been interviewed by the magazine Trajectoire. More information

31.05.2018 PhD day at BAM

ESR1 Xin Wang and ESR12 Lijia Long participated in the PhD day at BAM in Berlin.

30.05.2018 SeminApéro

ESR5 Bartek Sawicki participated in the SeminApéro: Six PhD students attempt to present their research in max. 5 minutes. Bartek gave a talk on "Life extension for bridges".

03.2018 Visiting Indian schools

ESR9 Amol Mankar visited schools in rural India to present his project and how to study abroad within European projects framework. Know more by reading his blog post here.

21.10.2017 PhD day at BAM

ESR1 Xin Wang, ESR3 Joyraj Chakraborty, ESR4 Imane Bayane, and ESR12 Lijia Long participated in the PhD day at BAM.

08.06.2017 PhD retreat

ESR12 Lijia Long participated in the BAM internal symposium: "PhD retreat".

23.05.2017 ENAC Research Day

ESR4 Imane Bayane and ESR5 Bartłomiej Sawicki participated in the "ENAC Research Day".

16.05.2017 Flash on my thesis

ESR6 Mariia Nesterova participated in "Flash on my thesis".

09.05.2017 "Pitch your impact"

ESR5 Bartlomiej Sawicki participated in the contest "Pitch Your Impact". 

02.05.2017 "3 Minute Thesis"

ESR2 Antoine Bassil participated in the contest "3 Minute Thesis".