Training Week #03 in pictures

Day 1

  • Entrepreneurship
    Lecturer: Ivan Butler (Aalborg University)
  • Structural information modelling and creation of decision analyses
    Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Sebastian Thöns (DTU/BAM)
  • Reliability for fatigue design: some general concepts and examples
    Lecturer: Dr Cécile Mattrand (Sigma Clermont)

Day 2

  • Overview of WP3
    Lecturer: Prof. John Dalsgaard Sørensen (Aalborg University)
  • Career development
    Lecturer: Christian Clergue (EIFFAGE)
  • How should we work together?
    Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Sebastian Thöns (DTU/BAM)
  • Overview of WP1
    Lecturer: Dr Ernst Niederleithinger (BAM)
  • Acoustic emission
    Lecturer: Dr Franziska Bänsch (BAM)

Day 3

  • ESRs' presentations.

Day 4

  • Overview of WP2
    Lecturer: Prof. Eugen Brühwiler (EPFL)
  • Wind turbines from an industrial point of view
    Lecturer: Claus Kramhøft (COWI)
  • Damage identification in structures with wavelet-based post-processing
    Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Andrzej Katunin (Silesian University of Technology)

Day 5