Training Week #02

The second training week was held at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, from the 20th until the 24th of November 2017.

The training week addressed the challenge of the shift from lab to real in situ conditions. The three scientific Work Packages (WP) were covered as well as non-scientific trainings. The timetable is shown in the figure below and comprises:

  • 13 hours dedicated to scientific lectures.
  • 1 hour dedicated to the visit of the “Martinet” UHPFRC footbridge.
  • 3 hours dedicated to complementary skills.
  • 6 hours of teamwork.
  • In addition, the students were evaluated based on the presentation of their research work (15 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes for questions).



Day 1

  • Introduction to the UHPFRC technology to enhance bridges
    Lecturer: Prof. Eugen Brühwiler (EPFL)
  • Design and construction of the “Martinet” UHPFRC footbridge
    Lecturer: Prof. Eugen Brühwiler (EPFL)
  • Probabilistic modelling of actions on structures
    Lecturer: Bernard Jacob (IFSTTAR)
  • Fatigue of welded structures - Miner’s approach
    Lecturer: Bernard Jacob (IFSTTAR)

Day 2

  • Probabilistic design of wind turbines
    Lecturer: Prof. John Dalsgaard Sørensen (Aalborg University)
  • Reliability indices for bridge fatigue
    Lecturer: Bernard Jacob (IFSTTAR)
  • Approach of fatigue with fracture mechanics
    Lecturer: Bernard Jacob (IFSTTAR)

Day 3

Day 4

  • MistralWIND project
    Lecturer: Max Botz (Technical University of Munich)
  • Bridges to the future with BIM+AR technology
    Lecturer: Prof. Marek Salamak (Silesian University of Technology)
  • Monitoring of load test with ultrasound acoustic emission - Time reversal
    Lecturer: Dr Ernst Niederleithinger (BAM)
  • Signal measurement and analysis
    Lecturer: Dr Ernst Niederleithinger (BAM)
  • Exercices with Matlab/Python
    Lecturer: Dr Ernst Niederleithinger (BAM)

Day 5

  • Ethics in engineering
    Lecturer: Dr Gaia Barazzetti (University of Lausanne)
  • Team working and project management
    Lecturer: Polo Looser (Asteroidea)