The Infrastar project management team would like to express heartfelt thanks to the hard core of Infrastar, but also to all people who had a connection with the project no matter the degree of involvement (lecturers, support function, administrative staff, CEO, etc.):

  • The Early-Stage Researchers who are actually now beyond the "early-stage": Lijia, Sima, Morteza, Amol, Joey, Gianluca, Mariia, Bartek, Imane, Joyraj, Antoine, and Xin. More than three years of hard work. More than three years of intense different activities. More than three years of involvement. Thank you, and congratulations on your contributions!
  • The Supervisors...: Ernst, Eugen, John, Franziska, Xavier, Sebastian, Piotr, Claus, Thierry, Fabian. Without (good) supervisors, no (good) PhD students (well) supervised. Thank you!
  • The PhD Directors...: Ernst, Eugen, John, Dominique Leduc, Marek Salamak, Andrzej Katunin, Christian Soize, Frank Rackwitz, Nicolas Gayton, and Odile. Thank you for accompanying with guidance the students during those 3 years!
  • ...And all other supervisors who have been involved in the thesis follow-up and/or secondments: Isaac Farreras Alcover, André Orcesi, Katerina Konakli, Henrik Niedermayer. Thanks a lot for your time and involvement!
  • Special thanks to the scientific Work Package Leaders: Ernst, Eugen and John. It was a great pleasure working with you. We strongly believe that the project and all of us had the chance to benefit from your professional and interpersonal skills, experiences and expertises. Thank you for your involvement!
  • The Partner Organisations: Thank you for joining the project.
    - BASt for hosting both the first implementation day and seconded ESR. Vielen Dank, Peter, Sarah und Iris.
    - Eiffage for hosting the second implementation day, for hosting seconded ESR, and providing lectures and technical visits. Special thanks to Christian for his involvement and enthusiasm. Many thanks, Sonia Dodeux, Brice Bossan, Benoît Maureau, Sandrine Chanut, Alexandra Puig, and Thierry Vayssade.
    - Valemo: Special thanks to Frédéric for his interest in the project and for giving us the opportunity to visit a wind turbine. Thank you, Alexis, Matthieu, Emmanuel Da Mota, and Anne-Gaëlle Mouraud.
  • The End-Users Advisory Board: Morten, Ton, Pascal, Peter, Marc, Jan, and Marios. Thank you for your feedback, your advices and the fruitful discussions.
  • Special thanks to the Ifsttar Université Gustave Eiffel staff: Nathalie Nedellec, Séverine Somma, Bernard Jacob, Jean Chapuis, Sophie Jeannin, Farida Laval, Céline Goupil, Cyrille Gonon, Philippe Touzé, Gaëlle Lebot, Erik Bessmann, Juliette Renaud, Arnaud Bonnard, Magali Lerique, Isaline Chaumier. Thank you all for your support during those years!
  • Special thanks to all lecturers, guests and all people who accepted to participate in the project: Ziad Hajar, Beate Richter, François Toutlemonde, Max Botz, Polo Looser, Gaia Barazzetti, Franziska Baensch, Ivan Butler, Cécile Mattrand, Simon Vasseur, Thomas Choisnet, Jacob Egede Andersen, Aitor Arrospide Sanz, John Popovics, Alice Pézard, Ariane Dupont, Odile Arbeit de Chalendar, Audrey Walet, Olivier Chassagne, Athina Zampara, Maria Christina Cederström-Friis, Susanne Johnna Johansen, Florence Grandjean, Nathalie Gilbert, Renata Witebska, Marek Stolinski. Thank you for your contribution, and your help in managing and organising local events!
  • Last but not least, our Project Officers: Szymon Sroda, but also Maria Vilia, and of course the European Commission. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 676139. The grant is gratefully acknowledged.

Thank you all.
We wish you every success and all the best, and that's not just simple words.
Good luck & have fun (-: