Training Week #03

The third training week is held at AAU in Aalborg (Denmark) in July 2018. It puts into relief considerations such as decision, normalisation and qualification.

Basic scientific skills:

  • Life-cycle analysis and issues of sustainability of infrastructures (EPFL)
  • Training module on economic analysis and societal issues (IFSTTAR): transport in economy, women in transport, greenhouse gas

Advanced scientific skills:

  • New trends in NDT and monitoring (IFSTTAR)
  • Towards a qualification of NDT operators (BAM)
  • Pertinence and reliability of NDT measurements (BAM)
  • Interventions on existing structures using Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (EPFL)
  • Rehabilitation of an orthotropic steel bridge using UHPFRC - Case of the Illzach bridge (EIFFAGE)
  • Industrial challenges of a wind-turbine farm construction (COWI)

Complementary skills:

  • Entrepreneurship: establishing an SME or “how to turn ideas into reality” (AAU) This course will contain the following subjects (Co-trainers: NEOSTRAIN & PHIMECA):
    • Innovation, incl. Types of innovation
    • Organization and management of innovation processes, incl. Innovation roles and Team and organizational structures
    • Technology and innovation strategy, incl. R&D strategy, Technology strategy, how does technology evolve? And Technology forecasting and planning
    • Continuous innovation, incl. Strategic, innovation and operational excellence, Exploitation – exploration, Sustainability and globalization
    • Practical and theoretical problems with continuous innovation
    • Recent developments, incl. user-driven innovation, business model innovation and Entrepreneurship, Establishment of SMEs
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation (moderators/lecturers: the IPR help-desk; Alice Pezard on European patents).
  • Development of a research career in Europe (EIFFAGE): how to write a CV, how to apply for a job, the perspectives of employments, etc. in coordination with Euraxess

Technical visits:

  • Danish National Test Centre for Wind Turbines in Østerild, Denmark. Here new wind turbines with a height up to 250 meters can be tested (AAU). The visit will contain presentations by wind turbine manufactures.